Modern Applied Medical Research

Aim and Scope: 

Modern Applied Medical Research (MAMR) is a scholarly, open-access, peer-reviewed journal published monthly by Gulf Publisher. The journal aims to present the latest advancements in both basic and applied medical sciences through the publication of high-quality research articles, reviews, and letters. Our mission is to serve as a comprehensive and trustworthy source of information on current developments in the field, encouraging the publication of quality research in medicine.


The scope of the journal encompasses a wide array of disciplines within the realm of Basic and Applied Medical Sciences. It is dedicated to covering the field of general medicine, pharmaceutical research, immunology, hematology and hemostasis, molecular diagnostics, toxicology, endocrinology, oncology, nursing, clinical biochemistry, analytical techniques, and evidence-based laboratory medicine. We invite authors from all nations to submit their manuscripts, whether experimental or clinical, with a focus on topics relevant to practitioners and academics alike.

MAMR provides an advanced platform for researchers, physicians, and scholars to disseminate their dedicated research findings. The journal’s research papers are valuable for shaping public and community health procedures and strategies. As an open-access journal, all content is freely accessible on the website, allowing users to read, download, distribute, print, and link to the full texts of articles without prior consent from the author or the publisher.

We strive to maintain a well-established and reliable platform for the global dissemination of impactful research, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange in the diverse and evolving landscape of medical sciences.


ISSN              : 2582-9181
Frequency     : Monthly
Language     :  English
Country        : India
Publisher      : Gulf Publisher

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