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Why Choose Gulf Publisher?

Gulf Publisher is a leading publisher in the Gulf region, hosting three esteemed journals catering to a diverse range of academic disciplines: Modern Applied Medical Research, Virus, and Biology.

Why Choose Gulf Publisher Journals?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our journals cover a wide array of academic disciplines, including modern medical research, virology, and biology.

  • Peer-Reviewed Excellence: Gulf Publisher journals uphold rigorous peer-review standards, ensuring the highest quality of published research.

  • Efficient Review Process: Benefit from our efficient review process, with timely review reports provided within 24 hours by our dedicated team of expert reviewers.

  • Swift Publication: Experience swift publication turnaround times, with articles published within 48 hours of submission.

  • Affordable Fees: Enjoy the accessibility of publishing with Gulf Publisher at affordable rates tailored to meet the needs of researchers in the world.

  • Instant Certificates: Receive soft copies of certificates immediately upon publication of your paper.

  • Global Visibility: Our journals are open access, providing a platform for your research to reach a global audience.

  • Indexed and Recognized: Gulf Publisher journals are indexed in reputable databases, enhancing the visibility and impact of your work.

Choose Gulf Publisher for a seamless publishing experience and to share your research with the world.