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Manuscript Guidline 



Before submitting a manuscript to any of the Gulf Publisher journals, authors should meticulously adhere to the following instructions:

Publication Criteria and Ethics:

For publication in Gulf Publisher Journals, a manuscript must represent original research with significant scientific value, reporting findings that engage readers in the relevant field. Originality implies that the manuscript has not been previously published elsewhere and is not under consideration by any other journal. Authors must agree to adhere to Gulf Publishers Publication Ethics before submitting a manuscript.

Submission Process:

Authors must submit manuscripts in MS Word format, adhering to Gulf Publishers’ formatting requirements to expedite the process. Papers should be submitted online through the “Submit Your Article” portal or via the official email address:


Upon manuscript submission, authors will receive an acknowledgment letter from the editorial team within 24 hours.

Initial Assessment:

Submitted articles are assigned to an editor specializing in the subject area, who determines whether to proceed with peer review. The editor may consult experts in relevant fields before making a decision. This decision does not reflect the scientific accuracy of the paper’s findings.

Peer Review:

Upon deciding to proceed with peer review, the editor selects independent reviewers who evaluate the technical aspects of the paper. At least two reviewers assess each paper within a specified timeframe.

Review Decision:

Following the review process, the editor communicates with the corresponding author through the official publisher email, offering one of the following options:

  • Accepted: Positive reviewer reports, no further changes required.
  • Minor Revision: Accepted with minor revisions; no additional experimentation needed.
  • Major Revision: Significant changes required; the revised manuscript undergoes a second round of review.
  • Rejection: Manuscript rejected due to significant technical issues or unverified claims.

Copy Editing:

Accepted manuscripts undergo copyediting to enhance clarity and value. Subeditors review grammar, spelling, and structure, with extra attention given to papers by non-native speakers. The copyedited work must meet specified requirements, ensuring correct length, language, adherence to standards, and clarity of figures and tables.


Articles are published in the forthcoming issue after editorial acceptance and receipt of APC (Article Processing Charges) payment.


Before submitting a manuscript, authors should carefully follow the formatting guide provided by Gulf Journals. Familiarity with the formatting style and content of previous publications is encouraged.


Papers should use clear and straightforward language for easy comprehension by readers from diverse fields. Technical abbreviations should be minimized and clearly explained when necessary. Full names should be spelled out upon first mention, followed by abbreviations.

General Structure:

Manuscripts should include the following sections: Title, Author Information, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methodology, Result, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgments, References, and Nomenclature. Papers should be between 4 and 20 pages, in English, single-spaced, using Microsoft Word, font size 12 (Times New Roman), with specified margins.


The title should be concise, meaningful, and not exceed 12 words. Avoid acronyms, abbreviations, punctuation, and equations.

Author Information:

Include each author’s name, affiliation, address, mobile number, and email address on the first page. Use an asterisk to identify the corresponding author.


Provide an abstract of more than 150 words, without references or semi-abbreviations, following the structured abstract format.


Include three to six keywords reflecting the subject matter.


Present the background, research context, review, and research objectives in paragraph form.


Describe the study design, data sources, collection methods, and analysis in 10-12% of the overall article length.

Findings and Discussion:

Discuss results, interpretations, and implications based on current theories and references in the field.


Summarize main findings, limitations, and suggest future research directions.


Briefly acknowledge research grants, colleagues, or institutions that contributed to the study.


Follow APA STYLE, cite sources in square brackets in the text, and arrange them at the end in the order of appearance.


Follow the original spelling and conventions when using quotations from published sources.

Tables and Figures:

Organize tables systematically, with numbers and titles at the top. Figures should be in high-quality JPEG format, with numbers and titles below.


List symbols and their definitions clearly, avoiding confusion and using a single symbol for each meaning.


Use math type for equations, submit them as editable text, and avoid mixing text and math type or Microsoft Equation Editor.

By adhering to these guidelines, authors ensure a smooth submission and publication process with Gulf Publisher Journals.


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