Manuscript Guidline 


BIOLOGICO is committed to the swift publication of concise, high-quality papers of interest to the diverse community of Life Scientists. Papers covering all areas of Life Sciences and related fields will be considered, excluding Clinical research unless it introduces new experimental findings of interest to the broader life science community. Descriptive data without a mechanistic link tested with experimental data will not be considered.

Types of Articles: BIOLOGICO accepts the following article types:

  1. Original Research Article: Reporting original research contributing to the body of knowledge in a given area.
  2. Review Article: Summarizing recent understanding by organizing previously published articles, without reporting new outcomes.
  3. Book Review: Critically evaluating the content and writing style of a book, whether primary source, summary, or scholarly review.
  4. Conference Proceedings: Including published records of conferences and symposiums sponsored by various societies or organizations.

Submission Checklist: Authors must ensure the following items are present before submitting the manuscript:

  • Designation of a corresponding author with contact details.
  • Manuscript includes keywords, figures with relevant legends, and tables with descriptions and footnotes.
  • Clear indication if color should be used for figures in print.
  • Manuscript spell-checked and grammar-checked.
  • References (APA style) cited both in the text and reference list.
  • Declaration of competing interests.
  • Suggested referees with contact details per journal requirements.

General Structure for Manuscript Preparation: The manuscript should include Title, Author information, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methodology, Result, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgments, References, and Nomenclature. Maintain a length between 4 and 20 pages, single-spaced in English, Microsoft Word, font size 12 (Times New Roman), and specific margins. Use two columns for the main body.

Title: Keep the title simple, meaningful, within 12 words, capitalized, centered, and in font size 14.

Author Information: Include each author’s name, affiliation, address, Mobile No., and email on the first page. Use an asterisk to identify the corresponding author.

Abstract: A separate abstract should be more than 150 words, free from references and semi-abbreviations, and formatted as a structured paragraph.

Keywords: Include no fewer than three and not more than six keywords reflecting the subject.

Introduction: Compose the background, research context, review, and research objective in paragraph form, avoiding pointers.

Methodology: Provide a description of the study design, data sources, and data analysis in 10-12% of the overall article length. Present information in paragraphs.

Findings and Discussion: Describe the results of data analysis and their meanings in relation to current theories and references. Include full institutional affiliations of all authors.

Conclusions: Summarize main findings, address limitations, and suggest future research directions.

Acknowledgements: Briefly acknowledge research grants or assistance. Avoid thanks to reviewers or editors.

References: Follow APA STYLE, citing sources in square brackets in the text. Arrange at the end in the order of appearance.

Quotations: Maintain the original spelling and conventions when quoting from published sources.

Tables and Figures: Systematically organize tables with numbers and titles at the top. Figures in JPEG format with good quality, numbers and titles below. Place them appropriately in the text.

Definition: List symbols and their definitions clearly, avoiding confusion, and use a single symbol for each meaning.

Equations: Use math type for equations. Submit them as editable text, avoiding excessive space or punctuation.

Declaration of Interest: Authors should mention financial and personal relationships influencing the work. If none, declare ‘Declarations of interest: none’.

Author Contributions: Submit an author statement file specifying individual contributions.

Changes to Authorship: Any modification before acceptance must be approved by the Editor. Post-acceptance changes are considered only in exceptional cases.

Copyright Policy: Authors retain copyrights, and the journal is not responsible for subsequent uses of the work.

Plagiarism Policy: Strict measures are taken against plagiarism. The editorial board retains the right to reject manuscripts with plagiarism, canceling publication upon victim complaints.

Submit your groundbreaking research to BIOLOGICO and contribute to the advancement of Life Sciences.

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